Which tablet/2 in 1 is best? (shortlist for email, word, excel, YouTube, etc)

26 Mar 2019
I'm currently studying medical science, we don't really use high task programs. I mainly use word, excel and adobe (for digital text books). Non-uni activities would be limited to just youtube/netflix/web browsing. This device is entirely aimed at low level tasks, no gaming or editing software (if any editing programs are to be considered I'd say only gimp.) My uni has a website for students in which we receive a certain amount of credit for each year, so I am limited entirely to what is on offer on the uni store. The devices I've whittled the stores lists down to are:




After some research these three seem to have the most to offer. Any advice or help would be appreciated, with any of these choices I will be using very little of my own money, thanks to the credit we receive. But, of course, as with any student I'm trying to get the most for my money. There are other laptops on the site, but I'm looking for more portability and the ability to read a digital text book with ease.
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