Whole system skips/stutters for no reason?

14 Dec 2008
So my friend bought a prebuilt gaming PC about a year and a half ago. He gamed on it, and it was fine. Over the years though, whilst listening to music it would stutter slightly. At first it wasn't noticeable unless you were listening for it. Now it has got so bad that once every 3 or 4 minutes his whole system (video and audio) stutters and skips uncontrolleably for about 5 seconds.

At first I thought he had a dodgy on-board audio, but now its affecting his video I have no idea. He doesn't have a lot of money, so won't want to pay trying something that doesn't have a good probability of working.

I wish I could give you the system specs, but it doesn't remember where he bought it from, letalone what parts it has. Plus I only see him once a fortnight, so I rarely remember to open up his machine to have a look.

Any thoughts?
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