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Whoops on a colleagues car.

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Meaker, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Orionaut


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    Interestingly, Friction doesn't quite work like that, I have seen far worse than that pass on the rollers.

    However, the rollers only apply full braking at low effective speed and for only a couple of seconds. Sustained heavy braking from high speed (IE Real driving) would result in the effective swept area of the rusty disk becoming very hot and at that point the balance would be affected.

    So yes, that isnt really very good. for granny pottering around town at 30 it would be unlikely to be a significant issue but for somebody in the habit of a more spirited driving style that has the potential to be quite dangerous. (Mainly because of increased braking distances due to brake fade rather than actually losing control. Indeed on any car with stability/traction control I would expect the ECU to be able to compensate for any unbalance, but at the expense of breaking efficiency overall)
  2. Simon


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    If they were into spirited driving then they probably wouldn’t look like that
  3. Meaker


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    He is young and wants to remap his car.... I might push towards some new pads/rotors/tyres first.
  4. IAmATeaf


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    I see this every day, walk along any road and if you look at the tyres you'll see the shocking state and brands that I've never ever heard of before.

    Most people must be like my wife, she couldn't give two hoots what's on the car provided that it's not flat and she can drive the car.

    Luckily me and son are in charge of making sure all our cars are maintained, dread to think what she would come back with if ever left to her to sort things like tyres out.
  5. jpaul


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    ... the elephant in the room
    - why are there different diameter wear surface on the rotors ? are the pads a different design (replaced independantly!) or have different surface area contact ?