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Who's Buying Gold

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by fester, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. do_ron_ron


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    America has or is about to remove laws put in after the Crash to prevent it happening again. This would make another Crash or large adjustment likely in the years ahead.
  2. StriderX


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    Doesn't really matter if there are laws in place or not, a new problem was created with the solution to the previous crisis that isn't solved by said solution. The dollar is going into the ditch at some point, there's just a matter of when.

    Trump made rather sure it'd happen sooner.
  3. silversurfer


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    Since this thread is quiet, Dollar interest rates appear to have risen (ignoring inflation etc) and things like crypto take over common interest its probably a positive for the long term price that gold is not especially weak

    Saw this video and seems like it relates to elements like gold and its wider modern usage


    I dont think laws have eliminated a crash but the most likely case is a drop in value of currency more then defaults occurring like we saw 10 years ago. How widespread can debt handling like Greek bonds be spread elsewhere in each case of non performance around the world I dont know but it'll be paid for in other ways, where as default is the correct path in a capitalist system