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Why are modern car adverts so tame & soulless?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by rypt, 16 Dec 2010.

  1. markweatherill


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    It's a bit like why people still buy cigarettes despite advertising being so restricted.
  2. semi-pro waster

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    The UK laws certainly are. :p

    Have you actually considered your position here at all? You want exciting adverts despite stating that few people buy anything based on adverts (I'm not going to question the correctness of that assertion for the moment) and you are by now aware that manufacturers are restricted about what they can show by ASA regulations (albeit it may be a voluntary code it's one that it pays to stick to). In light of this what possible incentive is there for car manufacturers to make "exciting" adverts? Going by your logic they're unlikely to sell any more due to these adverts, they might increase brand awareness but will be facing a court case that they'll almost certainly lose and the potential punitive fines for their actions.

    Basically the argument seems to be, 'I want people to pander to me despite there being absolutely no benefit to them for doing so and in fact notable downsides'. If you want "proper exciting" adverts then watch a film, a number are little more than product placement exercises anyway.
  3. Lum


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    Chinese car?

    Probably happened because the front crossmember fell off and dumped the engine onto the road.
  4. Gibbo


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    The Americans are much better in this modern age with adverts

  5. Flukester

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    This is more like it....

  6. r3loaded


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    I was in India a few weeks ago, they have much more in the way of stunts and speeding around a track (especially for motorbike adverts). They do come with a fairly prominent disclaimer along the lines of "performed by professionals on a closed track, do not try this at home". Can't see what's wrong with having that here, especially with such a disclaimer.
  7. Lashout_UK


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    This was a good one:

  8. Lum


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    Have you seen how they drive in India?

    They've just done a spin off of Ice Road Truckers, sending some of them to work in India for the summer. Bloody I hell I knew the driving was bad over there but not quite that bad. Things like overtaking on blind corners when the road is on the edge of a cliff with a massive drop on one side. Oh and the trucks they are using are half made of wood.
  9. eidolon


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    Anyone remember the Renault 5 GT Turbo advert from the 80s? Even featured cute kittens.

  10. Wizardskills

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    They don't make them like they used to :p

  11. nas

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    though you wont see it on television, its more of a promotional thing, by broadcasting this sort of thing, it advocates 'this sort of thing' which, as said, isnt legal. Plus, its now a requirement to refer to co2 emissions (as you'd notice in ads today)... so to use a car driven in this manner, to advertise, bearing in mind, that cars aren't normally driven like this on a day to day basis and to then display its fuel efficiency would be somewhat contradictory, which would be, to some extent, false advertising.


    as for the audi rs comment...

    you dont need to see it on track to know what its about, this is a good example, seeing a fast car on track is abit cliche, anyway.
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  12. Axeboy


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    Haha, love it
  13. nas

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    With members of the EU having to adhere to this, it seems that modern car adverts will remain ''tame and souless.''
  14. Minxy


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    Hahaha at the GT5 advert. I used to love the Pug 405 one with all the fire although I had it in my head that it was for the Montego for some reason.

    As for powersliding demonstrating an important safety feature, surely part of that is down to the driver so trying to sell a car on something that is potentially mainly driver dependant would be dodgy ground I'd imagine?

    I wouldn't say car adverts are souless but it's good to see marketing are having to put some more thought into an advert than purely flogging something on how fast it goes.
  15. Fr0dders


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    The americans showing us how to make car adverts. The Chevrolet Camaro superbowl commercial

  16. Deep


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    That advert is amazing
  17. Jez


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  18. Jonners


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    A perfect ending :p
  19. Fusion


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    Some of the best adverts involve subtlety, the Germans do this brilliantly. I loved the Audi RS4/RS6 advert with the bull, and where the rider slowly brings it under control. Far more powerful and effective than somebody drifting a corner in a veil of smoke.
  20. mrk

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    The Camaro, that is damn fine.

    They are damn fine.