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Why do foreign football fans act like this?

Discussion in 'The Football Stadium' started by cheesefest, 26 Nov 2021.

  1. Bigpig


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    Point taken. Bloody Scots!!
  2. HangTime

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    I think they do it because it's a tribal culture and probably in eastern europe this is even more important to them as a form of identity. You are going to war for your team, watching the match is secondary.
    There's also the fact that Leicester are/were known for having a serious firm, certainly top10 in England and I can't imagine Legia have played them lately, so they probably viewed this as a good opportunity for a day out.
  3. flux64


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    100% true lol
  4. Jean-F


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    Many moons ago I was visiting my son who has lived in Germany for years, with his German wife and two sons.
    I flew into Hannover and got a train to Bielefeld where he lives, he was picking me up at the station.
    The platforms and station forecourt were full of Polizei with Alsatian dogs, I said “What’s the story kid, did you tell them I was coming?”
    He said, “Arminia Bielefeld, the local football team, are at home to Dortmund, they hate each other, like Spurs and Arsenal, just get in the car and keep your trap shut about West Ham.”
    I so wanted to burst into “Bubbles”, but discretion is the better part of valour.
  5. omnomnom


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    Among findings of report into chaos at Wembley for the Euros final:

    + Disabled child abducted by a fan pretending to be a steward
    + Widespread drug use around the stadium
    + Fans drunk by 9am
    + No single authority to blame

    Report by @Tom_Morgs https://t.co/5b9XxKtxDS

    Those pesky foreigners eh.
  6. fez


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    Turns out no country has the monopoly on oiks.

    Huge numbers of fans, first Euros final in forever, been in some kind of lockdown for approaching 2 years, lots of angry people and its football. Not entirely surprising really.

    Utterly amazed that 50% of people surveyed saw drug use in the stadium. I have never been anywhere where drug use is that widespread that 50% of people would have seen it.
  7. The Running Man


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    You've never been out on a Friday night?
  8. adam cool dude


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    I would say the root cause of the problem is that you have your first major final in a billion years and you only allocate 5000 odd tickets to the fans in a 90,000 seat stadium. When I was a nipper it was relatively easy to get tickets to a game or to a cup final.

    There is too much corporate involved and it needs to be reduced and the tickets distributed more fairly.
  9. fez


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    Is that true? 5,0000 out of 90,000? If so, they are lucky it wasn't 10x worse.
  10. Derek W


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