Will a Tuniq Tower fit for me?

17 Jan 2005
Altrincham, Cheshire
Hi there everyone it's been over a year since I've posted on OCUK and I find myself rather out of touch with current hardware.

I have recently picked up an FX-60 cheap which I intend to run on my DFI SLI-DR 939 mobo inside a Coolermaster Stacker (original not the 830). I am considering getting a Tuniq Tower 120 but I am concerned that it may not fit. Could anyone let me know if this set-up is OK with the TT 120?

I'm hoping for quite a quick answer here as my Father will be at OCUK tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon so I have to make up my mind about which HSF to get pretty quick.

I have waded through the fourms over the past couple of days but I can't seem to find the answer to my query.
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10 Dec 2006
I have tried to find out for you but can't come up with a definate yes or no. However If you do order and it doesn't fit you would be able to send it back (although I probably think thats not a solution ;)).

The Thermalright Ultra-120 and HR-01 are both excellent solutions, they have tighter dimensions than the Tuniq Tower so the chances of it fitting are greater. The Tuniq is a popular choice but if you check some of the reviews out there thermalright offer some excellent solutions for CPU coolers that arguably defeat the Tuniq Tower :)
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