Will I or wont I be charged for this? - RMA

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21 Sep 2012
After having an issue with my new PC gaming build which i bought in seperate components, I have been getting an electric short everytime we turned it on.

We narrowed it down to either the motherboard or the PSU, so only one of these must be faulty.

Then I phoned Overclockers and got an RMA order.

I asked whilst on the phone weather I would be charged for the item tested not faulty, for either delivery or the testing itself, and the guy said that I would not be charged for it, both testing and delivery will be free.
I actually rang twice just to be sure.

BUT! on the email I received it says this...

"2. Testing - All returned items are tested by trained Overclockers UK Technicians. Any item found to be not faulty will be subject to a £12.50 + all shipping costs including collection charges if applicable + VAT charge. This does not affect your statutory rights."

Will I be charged for the non faulty item!? what happens if I shouldnt get charged, but then I do? aahh.. any help would be much appreciated.

17 Oct 2002
Have you tested it outside the case?

As regards the rma, it wouldn't even allow the technician to process a fee unless all items on the rma had been tested not-faulty. So if you return mb and pus and one is faulty, no worries.

If it turns out it was shorting on a mis-placed brass stud and there was nothing wrong with the hardware supplied, maybe not.
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