will they charge me for using msn?

25 Oct 2004
on web and walk std not pro. got it before oct 1st. will they charge me extra for using msn? I know there supposed to but will they or have they chaged/not charged web and walkers on here?

thanks people.
16 Apr 2004
I received the following from T-Mobile when I queried what happens in the event of breaching the T&Cs. Doesn't look too bad:

T-Mobile said:
Hello Alasdair

Thanks for your email about our web 'n' walk fair use policy.

I was concerned to hear you're unable to get the information requested from our website, and I understand you'd like full and correct information before you commit to our web 'n' walk price plan.

I have included detailed information below on our web ?n? walk fair use policy as well as some frequently asked questions.

Our fair use policy ensures that everyone can use the service equally, it protects T-Mobile?s interests and prevents network congestion.

The web 'n' walk Data Fair Use Policy is as follows:

Compatible handset required.

Fair use policy applies to price plans providing unlimited internet browsing on mobile handsets in the UK.

To ensure a high quality of service for all our customers, web ?n? walk is not to be used for activities such as (but not limited to): modem access for computers, internet based video/audio streaming services, peer to peer file sharing, internet based video download and internet based telephony.

If detected then, notice may be given, after which network protection controls may be applied which will result in a reduced speed of transmission.

Fair Use Policy Enforcement

The following processes will be used to control customers that breach the fair use policy continuously each previous calendar month.

* If we detect that web ?n? walk is being used outside our fair use policy, we will send a text message and advise we have detected that web ?n? walk is being used outside our fair use policy.

* If after we send a text message we detect that misuse of web ?n walk is continuing, we will issue a written warning confirming future reduction of download speed.

* If after the above is still being breached, customers download speed will be reduced from 324Kbs to 162Kbps

If a customer has breached their fair use policy, then a reduction of download speed feature will be added to their account.

This reduction of download speed will be for a period of 14 days from when the feature was added to the customers account, and will be automatically is removed at the end of the 14 day.

Here are some answers to questions from the above information:

* ?To ensure a high quality of service for all our customers, they are not to be used for other activities such as (but not limited to): modem access for computers?

The unlimited browsing and email is limited to handsets only

This means you cannot use the GPRS or 3G connection in any other way, such as connecting the handset to a PC or other device, by any means.

This is reiterated by the statement restricting use of the option for modem access for computers.

* ?Internet based video/audio streaming services?

Internet based video and audio streaming is restricted, meaning you cannot for example listen to internet based radio, or watch video on sites such as BBC news.

* ?Peer to peer file sharing?

Peer to peer file sharing basically refers to software which transfers files directly between two computers. An example is the infamous Napster, but there are many incarnations of available software ? this is not allowed.

* ?Internet based video download?

Internet based video download is restricted also, due to the nature of the files being downloaded ? often very large.

* ?Internet based telephony?

Internet based telephony (VOIP) is a new technology that allows phone calls to be made over the internet free, to other users of the service, and by charge to actual phone lines. This is restricted as it uses high amounts of network resources.

Given the wording, I suspect this is a training document I've been sent (i.e. customer is referred to in third person). Also, my original query was rather technical, therefore I would not have expected them to elaborate on something that I obviously had a grasp of.

18 Oct 2002
I read that you can use MSN on the standard package (and i have been doing so) aslong as your not on it 24/7. It doesnt mention not using it in the T&C's so you will be ok, just dont go mad and use it all the time, hour after hour.