Will This CPU work on this OEM board ?

6 Jan 2011
Stoke on Trent
I have bits knocking about , enough to nearly create another PC ,
I have this board
From a HP desktop i bought about 3 years ago , However the CPU is being used now in another system .

Looking around im finding it difficult to find a i5 750 for under £100 TBH i dont think its worth that much , Though i keep an eye on the clearance lines here and found this http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=CP-375-IN&groupid=595&catid=686&subcat=

Was wondering if this would work ,
I know its the same socket , but im unsure as the board is an OEM also it has no bios that it was configured just for the i5 and i7 1156 chips , its not clear on the site ,
The reason i want to use this board , is i can match it back up with the original HD , so it will consider its still a HP computer and I can use the HP 64 bit pre installed w7 operating system which is still on the HD . as when i tried using that drive on another 1156 board which its cpu now is in use on , it would not accept the hardware changes , So ill just marry the drive and board back up , if i can get a cheap CPU .