Will this lot fit onto this! ?

24 Jan 2008
Swansea, South Wales. UK
I have a DEAD mobo-K8N-E Deluxe.

On this mobo is 2Gb Ram @ 184pin + a 3000+ Newcastle processor, + ATI Radeon 9600xt graphics card, inside a normal sized Red Porche Tower.

Will the above fit onto a Microatx Asrock Skt A K7S41Gx S/V/L M-ATX 333F MOBO, inside my Tower.

Don't want this stuff to gather dust going to waste in a corner. If it will work I can use for Internet/Word 2003/Publisher/Web Designing and then use my
M2N-Sli Deluxe for my Photoshop CS3 & Video work.

Or would I be better off selling at a Car Boot/Ebay and Buying New i5/i7 instead and use that for my Photoshoping/photos/Videos instead.

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