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Windows 11 problem

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by bitfenix, 27 Sep 2021.

  1. MadMatty

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    I've also set up a usb install with Win10 media creator and removed install.esd and replaced with install.wim from Windows 11 installer also created with media creator. Works a treat for a clean install with Intel 4790K. Core Isolation is off in defender by default and windows update appeared to be working. I had to manually install intel and marvell sata drivers though from gigabyte site (Z97 Gaming 7). Other intel chipset drivers are hidden away in win update / advanced / optional downloads.

    EDIT: Interestingly on my new Asus Dark hero, even though it says Windows 11 ready on the box, I still have to manually enable SVM in the bios for Virtualisation options to work.
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  2. wigster

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    Im getting TPM must be supported and the processor isn't supported. The processor I have is i5-6600 is the processor too old then?
  3. throwaway4372


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    yes it's too old. there is a workaround, but who really cares, just keep using windows 10 until 2025.
  4. wigster

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    Cheers looks like I will have to keep to Windows 10 then as you say I have until 2025.
  5. Kronos


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    Given that the whole setting menu has changed anyone know how to remove the clock from the notification area as I seem unable to do it?