Windows 7, USB 3.0 driver conflicts?

20 May 2007

I am hoping someone more knowledgable than me can help!

I bought a NEC Renesas D720201 chipset USB 3.0 PCI Express expansion card which has 2x external USB 3.0 ports and a USB 3.0 internal header.

I have then bought an Akasa USB 3.0 card reader that i have connected to that 20 pin USB3.0 header on the expansion card.

All seems to work ok, except when i was transferring some files from my phone to the computer using the USB3.0 port on the card reader ( which is connected to the expansion card) i got a BSOD (IRQL not less or equal).This was about a minute or two into the transfer. I havent had a BSOD in years so i assume it is this new expansion card/card reader.

Now i installed the NEC Renesas drivers that came with the expansion card and they are the latest version, however i noticed in device manager that i have two entries for the Renesas controller and hub. One of each is using the latest driver version , and tells me the firmware version and lets me choose USB 3.0 power features. The other doesnt show me the firmware, doesnt show USB power features and lists the driver as (a driver version that is 2 years older!)

Here is a picture of all the USB stuff:

I have 4 USB 2.0 and 2x USB 3.0 onboard and also two front USB 2.0 connected to the internal MOBO USB 2.0 header.

Motherboard is an MSI P67A-GD53

Anybody know what the problem could be and whether i might have some sort of USB 3.0 driver conflict?
10 Jul 2010
The latest BIOS for the USB 3 card is v3.0.23.0 - the latest driver is v2.0.2.0.

I have a Renesas USB 3.0 card too and frankly find the support on Renesas website as useful as nothing.
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