Windows Service Stops Functions (Cryptographic Services)

20 May 2013
Good morning all!

A few weeks ago I made some significant hardware changes, including the motherboard, and opted to do a clean install of Windows.

Following this everything appeared fine however the clean install of Windows 10 was an older version of it and there were a million Windows Updates to download including the larger April 2018 one. I had to do this either way because I have a GTX 1080 ti and as I found out you need Win 10 version 1508 or higher to use the Pascal cards!

Anyway, once I updated to the latest version I found that Google Chrome wouldn't load pages properly, GeForce Experience wouldn't open, Steam wouldn't connect to the Steam Network and various other random program problems. Following some hours of googling on my laptop I found that some people had an issue since the April 2018 update whereby Windows Service: Cryptographic Services appears to be the cause and simply stopping this service returns normal operation.

Sure as hell I stop the service and voila - everything is fine! Except every time I open Chrome etc the service starts and has to be stopped again. No real biggie, just gets frustrating after a while. I've tried my best to tell Windows not to let this service stop, to disable it etc, but it just won't quit! I've reinstalled Windows 10 since and it runs fine every single time until I update to the latest version of Win 10. But if I don't update then nVidia won't let me use my beautiful 1080 Ti...

Microsoft have been less than useful as usual.

Does anyone here have any advice or experienced anything like this?

I don't see how it's a hardware issue but to save someone asking later my basic system specs are:

Gigabyte Z370 Ultra Gaming
GTX 1080 Ti
All running on SSDs
30 Jan 2009
Aquilonem Londinensi
Download a new iso with the April update rolled in from Microsoft and reinstall from USB. Weird issues like that can take longer to diagnose than a fresh update. If there's still problems look twice at device drivers IMO
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