Wireless Access Point?

30 Jul 2005
my linksys wag54g is a load of crap. it keeps dropping its wireless connection all the rime and is down right unreliable.

im using this old linksys wag54g as an access point, so basically my draytek router handles the main adsl connection and the linksys just provides me with more network ports and wireless for the laptop. all i did was disable dhcp and disable the adsl connection in the router settings to get it to act as a normal switch and wireless access point.

now, i need to replace this with a reliable access pointthat won't randomly drop wireless connections.
whats the best access point i can get up to the £60 mark? if its cheaper then its all good. but it has to be reliable, don;t mind if its slow as in 54mb or even 11mb but as long as it doesn;t drop the wireless connection.

what are my options?
29 Dec 2002
Have you by any chance dissabled SSID broadcast ? Also are you using DHCP on the wifi client ? It's just I had a similar issue with a laptop and enabling SSID and switching it a static IP resolved it.

If it's just browsing/games and not file transfer (as that sucks over wifi) i've not had any issues with my Netgear WG602 54Mbps Wireless Access Point (NW-012-NG) £42.53 Inc VAT + Del. If you want to get a bargain then Google is your friend :)
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