wireless dropping when under 'heavy' use

4 Sep 2010
Hi everyone, i was hoping that someone could help me!
I have a Bt Homehub 2 and when i am using my internet the wireless just drops off and i have to reset the router in order for any devices to be able to re attach, it only really happens when what i would consider to be heavy usage is taking place and it only drops on the wireless devices, the xbox in the lads room which is wired never drops and is faultless, however on occasion when i am using my xbox downstairs, through wireless, that drops out, if the windows 8 pc in the living room is running sky player or downloading that drops constantly as is the same with both my Imac and linux laptop so i guess that rules out a problem with my settings on my computers! All the Ipods in the house don't trigger it either, they all run fine.

All was well till a few months ago and it has gradually got so bad that i'm permanently hooked up to the Bt open zone! Proximity of the devices to the router has no effect, i can sit my device next to the router and it will still drop connection.

To add to my annoyance SWMBO rang Bt who said it is the router and convinced her what we need is the new hub at a cost of £100! :eek: Well the upshot of it is we have one winging its way to us now and i hope that fixes the problem. However i am not that hopeful it will. Have any of you had this happen to you?

Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks in advance for any advice!
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