Wireless to Wired device - Unable to discover each other

4 Mar 2003
Router - Sky Broadband supplied device. All wired devices eventually make their way to this router.
Wireless - Ubiquity UAP-AC-LR. All wireless devices attach to this which is wired (via a switch) to the Sky Router.
Sky wireless on router is disabled.

Specific issue:

Apple TV box on our network. Ethernet cable to a Netgear Switch which in turn goes back to the Sky Router.
Windows Laptop. Wireless connection to the Ubiquity unit. All working fine.

Install and Run "Airparrot 3" on the Windows laptop. Open application and it sits there on "searching for devices" - it never finds the Apple TV box as a device it can cast to.
If I plug an Ethernet cable into the laptop, it finds the wired AppleTV box immediately and I can cast to it. Drop laptop back onto wireless, no longer sees the AppleTV.

Anomaly 2:

With the laptop wired onto the network, "Airparrot" can see the AppleTV as a device it can cast to.
However, Airparrot can also see the Google Hub device in our kitchen as a suitable device to cast to.
As soon as I drop the laptop back onto wireless, Airparrot can no longer see the AppleTV device (as above) but it also no longer sees the Google Hub device (which is wirelessly connected to our network - attached to the same Ubiquity AP as the laptop).

With the laptop on wireless, it can PING both the wired AppleTV Box and the Wireless Google Hub device.

Can anyone think of any setting on Sky Router, Ubiquity AP or the laptop that might be facilitating this behaviour?
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