Wood to Lino Transition - How to fit with concrete base?

19 Oct 2002
Put in a new wooden floor in the living room, looks great but am stumped for what to do with the transition to the kitchen (Lino floor). The wood is obviously higher than the lino (15mm wood + underlay) and we've got double doors into the kitchen. The pressure on the wood also means the wood is slightly bouncy at the double doors.

I know you can get lino to wood transition ramps but this won't help with the bounce/lift on the wood at this point. Ideally I need to be able to screw/nail something down but there's a concrete base under the wood underlay and the lino. Any ideas on the best way of fitting a transition but holding it down? I don't think I could get a nail/screw into the concrete base, it'd just destroy the concrete.
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