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Workplace toilets and the law

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cheesefest, 29 Nov 2021.

  1. cheesefest

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    Today the mens’ loos at work are out of order. So have to use the ladies’. Normally the customer toilet but that’s broken too.

    Some females are naturally not happy with their male colleagues using the ladies’.

    I have been in them without issue as shouted “hello, anyone there?” No response- ok. Then I heard the outer door open, I said I was in there. Just in case it’s a female and not comfortable with me being there.
  2. Efour


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  3. Resident


    Joined: 10 Mar 2012

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    I've worked in an office where the facilities were unisex so I would assume there are no laws that state that you need to have them separated by gender.

    It was awkward at first, especially when giving birth to King Kong's finger one afternoon but within a week or two it just became normal.
  4. teenwolf


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    I always use the ladies and leave the seat up and my phone number on the wall
  5. 200sols


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    Just identify as a woman.
  6. Diddums


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    They weren't out of order. Your manager locked them off so you'd actually do some work.
  7. potatolord

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    I identify as The Queen, so I never go to the toilet.
  8. Hades


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    Another day, another cheesemoan :)

    If the women are unhappy about the men also using the only working toilet then ask your management to make it a men-only toilet temporarily. I'm sure the women will want to share it again.
  9. Kelt


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    I worked in a factory during the seventies where the men's toilets were built during the Victorian era and hadn't been cleaned since.

    I still have recurring nightmares about them forty years on.
  10. Josh


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    We have communal toilets at my office.

    Can just imagine the cheesywhinge thread about that.
  11. uber soldat


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    Just make sure you have a chat with whoever's next to you in the cubicle, talk about how its your time of the month, and how fat Jennifer Aniston looks these days, you'll fit in just fine.
  12. SideWinder


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  13. Fubsy


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    I suggest taking an orange with you.
  14. FBi7

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    I'm surprised you need to use the toilet at all. I thought all the urine and faeces you excrete flowed from your head to your keyboard.
  15. Uther


    Joined: 16 Jun 2005

    Posts: 17,370

    Was it warmer in there?
  16. Puzzled


    Joined: 9 Jul 2003

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    I wonder what Christmas songs they play in the work toilets
  17. Stumble Bum


    Joined: 2 Apr 2009

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    Petition to rename OP to Whingefest.
  18. Derek W


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    You need to get a competition going

  19. Uther


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    How many more posts does the OP need for the MM again?
  20. Feek


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    So why would you have to open the door and yell in? What’s really going on here?