World Cup Second Round - Switzerland v Ukraine **SPOILERS**

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17 Oct 2002
I'm back baby!
mattbrown91 said:
Best match i had seen for a long time though.

Kells goal :p

2-2 after normal time, 3-3 after normal and penalties (lets not go into that)
Aye. I still wanna smack that skeletor looking mother for what he did after he scoring his pen.
Pigeon_Killer said:
Who's gonna be watching the highlights later?
Be a short prog :D
18 Oct 2002
All over the world...
Oh well Ukraine win on penalties...good for them i say, at least Italy can run riot hopefully over them but judging by the crap italian display today im not holding my breath:p.

What an utter **** of a match though, boring and as Shearer said i think ive aged 10 yrs as well. At least its finished now...funny how the swiss missed 3 straight penalties though:p. :eek: at Sheva's miss...wouldnt expect him to miss a penalty.

Thank **** that crap game is over, how the hell did both of them get this far is something beyond me lol:p.
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