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worth it ?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by HomZ, 11 May 2006.

  1. HomZ

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    evening, i spoke to a women at vodafone today as my contract is due for upgrade, i got a p910i last yr on upgrade which i couldnt get to grips with so ended up selling it and got a w550i which is the phone im currently using.

    after speaking to women about what phone i could have i was told id have to pay £200 if i wanted the n80 which i wasnt going to do so settled for a n70 instead.

    i pay £25 a month inc vat and get 200 anytime mins and 500 texts, she did say that my account was 25% reduced already from getting a good deal last yr, she tried to tie me down to a 18 month contract and pay £32.50 for the phone, after having a 20 mins freindly chat with her i got the phone free and the handset charge waved.

    does it seems like a good deal, should i send it back and try get a n80 worked last yr for my p910i when i said i would leave and they ended up giving me what i wanted

    thoughts please
  2. Sic


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    ive heard nothing but bad things about that N80. Spawn had one, and a couple of others had one. apparently really slow and a crappy battery...have you had a look at Sony Ericsson's "user range", like the W810i and such? i just got mine and it's awesome!

    maybe you can buy it off me in 3 months ;)
  3. jhmaeng

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    Unless you're dying for a new phone right this moment, I'd suggest people to wait until at least July when some more models (notably the K800i) should be available. Even if you don't want that particular model, the competition of the new models should hopefully drive prices lower down overall.

    Generally, you shouldn't be paying for the handset on an upgrade unless you can't get the equivalent deal as a new customer from a different network, which is not the case here (N70 is free on pretty much any tariff, N80 is only £20 on O2 250). If you are willing to change network (you can always keep your number by getting the PAC code from Vodafone) then the minimum you should settle for is what a new customer would be offered. If they say "we can't match it", then you say "PAC code, please" and off you trot to a different network :)
  4. HomZ

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    tbh jasper i wouldnt want another sony walkman phone, yeah there great and everything but just fancied a play with other manufacturers model, and i couldnt justify going from a sony walkman phone to another,

    the software will be the same :/