X570I Aorus Pro Wifi question about m.2

27 Jul 2006
So this board comes with slots for two m.2 drives. One on the front with some fan above it and one on the rear.

Ive picked up a Samsung 1tb 980 pro for the boot drive and to put potentialy put a game or 2 on. Ive now been reading about heat and am wondering if i should buy a seperate heatsink for the drive, or if i do will it still even fit under there?

Anyone have this board had any heat issues for the m.2 drive?

As an aside im starting to think that drive may be overkill in size and i might just get a seperate 500gb one for the os and stick this in the rear slot. They are both pcie 4 on this board arnt they?

Thanks for the help.
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