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x850 XT @ stock - too hot!

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by |Show|, 5 May 2006.

  1. |Show|


    Joined: 18 Feb 2003

    Posts: 5,817

    Location: Chester

    right, i'm having some trouble with the temps of my x850 xt at the moment whilst playing Battlefield2 - i alt tabbed out today and it was @ 91 degrees.

    anyone got any ideas how i can lower temps? its not like my case lacks ventilation...got a coolermaster loaded with 4 fans @ max rpm :confused:
  2. cypriobrit


    Joined: 4 Jun 2004

    Posts: 340

    Location: London

    Stock cooler? Take it off and reset it with some new paste. Or get a new cooler, Zalman or Arctic.
  3. Eliot


    Joined: 29 Mar 2005

    Posts: 5,791

    arctic cooling vga silencer ati 5 rev2. i have one and it kicks ass. easy to install
  4. IamMed

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 2 Oct 2003

    Posts: 1,161

    Location: Porthcawl (S.Wales)

    as above^^

    another thing to try, download and install atitool if u havent already and then turn fan speed up.

    I found my stock cooler defaulted to run at 15% all the way upto 80c :eek:

    Zalman VF700 is pretty good, kept my X850XT at a max of 65c load :)
  5. Pipe & Slippers

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 4 Jan 2004

    Posts: 1,161

    Location: Finally, Swindon

    ^^^ what he says - don't just try it, do it!
    The defaults on my card are

    0 - 86 15% Fan Speed
    86- 91 18%
    91 + 100%

    I have in ATiTool
    0-50 14%
    50-55 23%
    55-60 32%
    60-65 41%
    I have more set but it's a bit pointless since it never goes above 60c now
  6. gt_junkie


    Joined: 20 Mar 2006

    Posts: 8,087

    Location: The Lakes

    As cypriobrit says!

    Re-apply thermal compound and properly reseat the heatsink. 90+ is never a nice temp to see! :eek:

    That should do the job! If you want more cooling performance i have an x850xt with an arctic cooler 5 rev 2 and it keeps my card lovely and chilled at very quiet levels!

    I have the card at 621/596 up from the stock 520/540 and it idles around 30 degrees and doesn't go much over 50 degrees under heavy load (Oblivion being my game of choice at the moment!!!)! Very impressed with it! :cool:

    Keep us posted! :)