X99A Gaming Pro Carbon

8 Jan 2016
Hi All,

I've go an X99A motherboard in a OC built system (built last year). It currently has 4x4Gb Team Group Elite memory (TPKD416GM2400HC16Q). This is working great.

I want to upgrade to 32gb RAM, but since my original memory is no longer available, I had hoped to buy 2x8gb sticks (TPKD416GM2400HC16D) this month, then buy another two next month to give me my upgrade.

However the 2x8gb sticks don't seem to work in the X99A at all. Even if I just put 1 stick in DIMM1, they're not recognised. OC support have agreed to RMA them, but couldn't explain why they didn't work (it was the replacement memory they recommended). They are not on the official motherboard memory compatibility list, but then the original ones are not either. If fact, I've been unable to find any of the memory on the compatibility list available anywhere.

Any ideas? I don't want just keep trying different memory until something works.
30 Jul 2013
Can't massively help but on my Asus X99-s I just took out 4x4GB '3000Mhz' Geil Evo Potenza ram sticks (Quad channel) and replaced them with 2x16GB '3200Mhz Cas 14' G.Skill Trident Z RGB Ram sticks (only dual channel) and it's all working fine...the RGB lights even work (but aren't addressable)

I didn't check the compatibility list either, but maybe update your BIOS to the latest one if you haven't already done this?

(I never got my previous Ram stable above 2666Mhz, and was planning on getting the 9900k in case you were wondering why I changed)
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