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XFX HD-679X-ZDFC + GTX 580

11 Oct 2008
Hey guys,

so around mid june i decided to get parts going for my first ever rig. After hearing about bulldozer i decided to buckle down and wait. Also because my MB can't run intel chips. Anyway with the BD just around the corner im starting to wonder if i should reconsider my graphics card. I purchased a XFX HD-679X-ZDFC during June and lately i've been thinking that maybe i should purchase a GTX 580 too. This mainly being for BF3 and skyrim. Now i don't know much about computers so i just need your input. Would it be beneficial to have both graphics card (i mean, would they still work side by side? :confused:) or just the gtx 580 (and maybe a second down the line). Im asking this mainly because im tempted to sell my XFX HD-679X-ZDFC and those funds can go towards the gtx 580.

Thanks for looking

Eyyaz (PC noob)
15 Nov 2008
The onyl way they would work together would be using one of the new Hydra Lucid mobo's which allow you to use non matched gfx cards together, normally you have to use pretty much 2 of the same, Im not convinced with this tech ATM, if you want more grunt just sell that and buy the 580, it should be more than enough on its own
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