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XHCI & EHCI USB3 Problem.

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by lettuce, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. lettuce

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    I have the Gigabyte mobo in my sig and have the Corsair 650D case which has 2 front USB3 ports but in order to use these as USB3 ports inside the case there is 2 extension USB cables that need to be threaded through the case and out the back and plugged into 2 USB3 ports on the I/O panel of the mobo....so bit of a cop out really. Anyway i was noticing any device that i plugged into these front USB3 device wasn't being recognised as USB3, so was suggested to get one of these USB3 header cables that plugs into the USB3 socket on the mobo, which i did but still had the same problem.

    Having read a bit more info on this i have found a few options in the BIOS that might help solve the problem, the options in question are XHCI & EHCI. From default in the bios we have:

    XHCI Mode - Smart Auto
    XHCI Hand-Off: Enabled
    EHCI Hand-Off: Disabled

    If i change 'XHCI Mode' to 'disabled' and 'enabled' 'EHCI Hand-Off' then i notice windows doesnt give me any warnings that the usb device isnt working in USB3 mode, is this because i have disabled USB3 mode completely across the system because i disabled XHCI mode??

    If i changed XHCI Mode to 'Manual' then a few more options appear (which i think i might need to do to get this to work correctly), which are:

    XHCI Pre Boot Driver:
    'Enable' or 'Disable'

    Route USB2 Pin To Which HC:
    'Route Per Pin', 'Route All Pins to EHCI', or 'Route All Pins to XHCI'

    Enable USB3 Pins:
    'Select Per Pin', 'Disable All Pins' or 'Enable All Pins'

    Any ideas what i need to select so all ports are USB3 are working in USB3 mode?
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    What is the BIOS version? Do you have the latest BIOS install?

    What if enabled XHCI Mode in BIOS?

    What are the USB3.0 devices have you tried?
  3. klepp0906


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    Lol wut? Not exactly sure how any of that is relevant. To the OP, found your thread trying to learn more about these damn settings myself as they are messing with my razer keyboard. How hard is it to simply list all USB ports and let you select usb 3 or 2 based on the port. Sigh.

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