Yours for £11k: A Moller VTOL aircraft!

4 Nov 2004
Seattle area, USA

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A Piece of Aviation History For Sale: Moller International’s M200X As A Collector’s Item

Moller International (OTC-BB: MLER) is offering its M200X for sale. The M200X volantor[1] was the first VTOL aircraft of its kind (flying car) to fly successfully and did so repeatedly during the 1980’s. The most important flight occurred on May 10, 1989 in front of the local, national and international press. This flight, shown on our website at, resulted in subsequent articles in Forbes, Discover, Popular Mechanics, USA Today and Esquire as well as TV appearances on Good Morning America, The History Channel, 60 Minutes, numerous times on The Discovery Channel and on the evening news with Peter Jennings.

The M200X was the first flying car type vehicle to successfully demonstrate that it was possible to hover and maneuver a personal VTOL aircraft by someone with virtually no pilot training.

The key to the ease with which the M200X could be flown was the use of a number of unique engines controlled by a central electronic computer and sensor module. The engines received computer commands every few milliseconds that told each engine what to do to keep the M200X stable no matter what environment it was operating in.

The Smithsonian Institute had expressed interest in preserving earlier prototypes that we developed but we felt that our vehicles prior to the M200X were not a significant enough technological advancement to be worthy of being put on display. However the M200X was a very significant breakthrough made possible by the creation of a totally new type of engine and artificial stability system. We expect that the historical value of this original prototype will increase substantially as production models of the M200 series go on sale. The M200X was very easy to fly, totally free of vibration and gave a true magic carpet ride sensation for those who flew it.

“The purchaser will be acquiring a piece of aviation history that is absolutely unique,” the Company’s President, Paul Moller said. “Its development is viewed as the genesis of the Neuera and Firefly models going into production now and planned for sale in mid 2009.”

The M200X is in perfect condition and in the same configuration as it flew during its international press flight.
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9 Jan 2007
That would be great for doing the weekend shopping, what a shame that it only ships to the United States. ;)
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