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Youths must do voluntary work

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by TheCenturion, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. *Moangroan*

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    why should anyone have to go in the army who does not volunteer......I would not go in the army I am not at war with anyone.....and have no real urge to be canon fodder because that all your are.
  2. Evangelion


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    Youths must do voluntary work!
  3. Skidder

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    True, although I doubt it is actually that confusing.

    I was assuming that the scheme would be something along the lines of what my school referred to as community service. For example, a mate and I visited an old lady who lived alone every wednesday. If there was something she needed help with we helped - this ranged from minor DIY (we once built a very shoddy path), lifting and carrying, picking up shopping, a bit of painting etc. If there was nothing she needed we kept her company (thankfully as this is not in GD, I probably will not have to defend this as innocent;) )

    Others did things like helping out at youth clubs (not popular with the kids from other schools!), maintaining nature reserves etc.

    We also had to pass army (navy or RAF if you liked) basic training in the cadets before we could do community service as a slacker alternative.
  4. mattheman


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    i like to see labout MP do 50 hours community work.
  5. stockhausen


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    In defence of my confusion, this thread has drifted quite a bit to include up to two years in the armed force, but thanks for a most helpful clarification :)

    With whom did this sweet little old lady live for the rest of the week? ;)
  6. Weaver


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    I’m astounded at some of the responses in this thread. I’ve noticed more and more, of this Thatcherite legacy rearing its self absorbed head lately, coupled with new labours systematic destruction of our freedom of choice, speech and thoughts and of what little remains of our so called democracy in the U.K. Is there any wonder that the children of the inner cities and council estates across the U.K have such little regard for adults, others, property, work and finally themselves with the types of attitudes of so many in the U.K, amply displayed here in this very thread also.

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves spouting this type of vitriolic bile demonising the youth in the U.K as no good chavs that need a good kick up the arse, sent to NS or worse still to jail! Some of you may live in the inner city some may even live in housing estates. For those who do you should know what the living conditions are like in that damp aging accommodation.

    First of all these children and their children’s children are and will be the future of the U.K. Where other countries in Europe invest in their youth we treat with contempt and condemn, those that will one day fight and die in any wars we may find ourselves in and will eventually take over from us, to lives of desperation.

    Not everyone can be a brain surgeon there has to be room for other types of lifestyles and employment opportunities nor can we all be middle class either there has to be a labour force of unskilled/semi/skilled workers. However as Stockhausen pointed out above with the U.K.’s industries all but decimated all this University nonsense, that’s being crammed down our throats, breeding a generation split right down the middle between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’. Incidentally and ironically the ‘haves’ are also leaving uni as, 20k+ debt ridden managers, with no trained workforce to manage.

    The glaringly obvious fact of the matter is there is no such thing as a British Identity unless you’re Northern Irish or of NI decent. I’m not going to explain my last comment because if you don’t know why I made it then the argument I make with it is lost on you anyway. However we are a United Kingdom that has come together in times of hardship and when our island or ideals has been attacked or endangered. Other than this we have very separate regional identities there is no real sense of this British Identity or Britain that is mentioned in the article. English and British are not the same and this applies to each of the home nations in relation to British except as I previously mentioned NI.

    I find this most recent manipulation of the term Britain far more sinister and dangerous especially when this prime minister is merely playing politics with the term. It is also very worrying to see terms such as ‘citizenship classes’ being written in this context, implying the extension to include ‘all’ beginning yet again with our children and not only as is intended for incoming immigrants. I see a real danger to our children in this monster!

    It might not seem dangerous at the moment but think about it like this. If this mandatory citizenship class begins now by the time 2 generations have passed it has become an integrated accepted norm, a pervasive implicit doctrine born out of what is essentially just a propaganda tool open to manipulation by whichever ‘power’ and has the potential to control absolutely. Pervasive in much the same sense as CCTV or the national ID card scheme which has seen much political debate, which unfortunately, will quickly become a mute point anyway as different forms of ID cards have been in existence for our kids for a number of years now starting with school dinner cards ect ect.

    I want your kids to have the choice in the same way that I had a choice. Those kids are not the enemy. WE ARE!

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  7. slylittlefox

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    I won't have the time to get into the argument because I'm working all weekend, but well done on putting forward an eloquent, reasoned, and well thought out reply. There needs to be more of this style of posting (whether the poster's opinion be right or wrong in the eye of the beholder) [​IMG]

    Though your grammar could be better :D
  8. Pestilence


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    That is a very well-written response, however I would counter to say that surely taking those youths OUT of the council estate conditions you speak of mandatorily and showing them the real worth of work, structure and responsibility is a positive thing? Their parents will obviously never show them this, and if they fester in their normal conditions they'll never aspire to anything more. That's a major part of the problem. Clearly, taking them out of this and opening their eyes is a positive act.

    I also think you're drawing WAAYY to sinister elements into "Citizenship" classes in schools. We aren't talking "Starship Troopers" here. These classes have been introduced in schools as a reaction -- albeit a kneejerk one (the only type this Government seems capable of making) -- to the rising lawlessness and disregard for any authority among children in education. They teach nothing more than literally how to behave in normal society. I am married to a teacher, and I cringe every time she speaks of these classes as it really is the job of the parents being handed to teachers - because our Government no longer feels that they can rely on parents to teach their offspring even basic societal values. Brainwashing doesn't even come into play.
  9. Skidder

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    Yes, I spotted that when I read it back and wondered if anyone would be pedantic enough to point it out. ;)
  10. Bhamid


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    I remember my citizenship classes to be about voting and the electrol system, basically politics. That was in primary school, and in secondary school we mainly get sex education (which does work...sort of) but since I moved here, I don't remember ever getting citizenship classes as Pestilence describes them, or anything like that. R.E classes fail (no-one takes them seriously) but people here are still narrow-minded. For example, a guy in my form has asperger's syndrome, and everyone bullys him. I don't think anyone has talked to him as a normal person, even the teachers. We can all see that they don't take him seriously, which doesn't really help.

    The teacher are right about the courses though. We only ever get about one or two lessons each year which are off the syllabus. The rest are all about stuff on the course, or exam technique/practise. Why do we need to learn exam technique? Because they don't accomodate for any free thinking.

    Btw is it me does the average age here feel like its 40?
  11. RDM


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    This is OCuk, there is always going to be someone pedantic enough. :p
  12. baz047


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    I do believe in promoting it as it hardly ever gets mentioned, making it compulsary though is just...mental.

    Making young offenders do work though is an interesting though...wonder how many would actually turn up though.
  13. MadMossy


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    The only thing i think should be done is enforce community service/voluntary work for those claiming benefits.

    Obviously those claiming disability benefits wouldnt do the above, but would require to prove they are incapable of working as comminity service/voluntary work can be many different things.
  14. arknor


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    yea everyone apears to be middle aged with really well paying jobs
  15. welshy46


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    its hard enough making them do paid work ee when i were a lad i had to get up before i went to bed work a 26 hour day and pay the boss for the privilage of yadda yadda yadda lets face it when we were kids we would have run a mile from doing voluntary work its just a way to not have to pay qualified people to do a job there trained for just look at classroom assistants,pcso's and highway agency traffic officers
  16. SexyGreyFox

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    I must be the devil.
    I send 14 to 16 year old's out for a minimum of 50 days work experience however every one of them will agree that it makes them mature quicker and gives them an idea of the real world.

    I honestly can't see a problem with this idea because kids are already doing work experience for 1 to 2 weeks (well they do in Stoke).
    Once again you go to College and work experience is something you are expected to do.
    The only ones moaning will be the NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training) but stuff em.

    I know the benefits of doing voluntary work/work experience because it eventually got me into a great job and it's also got some of my students jobs too.
  17. magick


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    It's a scam to get children doing cheap labour like painting buildings, sweeping streets, looking after elderly/disabled people because labour are going to be laying off alot of full paid frontline staff over the next few years.
  18. Dark_Angel


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    A bit silly calling it voluntary work.

    If they are going to force you to do longer, just make sure it is something to do with the thing they want to do when they do get a job. Then it is something worth while.