z77 gigabyte UD5 memory speeds

6 Jan 2011
Stoke on Trent
Just a quicky , I notice on the literature this board supports upto 1600 mhz memory modules , However does this mean memory speeds will not go higher , is overclocking 1600 mhz modules possible or not ? or buying higher speed 1800 , or 2000 mhz no use with overclocking ram ? is 1600 the ceiling , or what way would approaching this be best ?
5 Sep 2010
Overclocking past 1600MHz is possible but the gains are minimal with Sandy and Ivy Bridge. Have a read of this, although it tests RAM on Sandy Bridge I'm sure it will apply for Ivy.

We'll have to see what difference faster RAM makes with Ivy Bridge:

IIRC I read somewhere that memory scales better with IB, than SB? So you'll be able to push it further with a IB/Z77 setup.

It doesn't really matter what the speed is unless it produces an overall performance increase.

Faster than 1600MHz with Sandy Bridge is notable for only giving small overall gains in performance.

Perhaps 8 pack can answer that for us.

Yes the IMC is strong on Ivy the self same sticks do scale better with a strong IMC much better infact. I will show you guys how well as soon as NDA expires. I am sure those Samsungs do clock well as you guys have shown on X79 I have no experience with them though so cant comment. Z68 was not a great platform for high CPU clocks and high mem clocks with full dimm population with 16gb. Z77 changes this.

From: Which RAM Skill or Corsair 2133 for Gygbyte Z77?
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