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Zotac 1080 Ti extreme for £350

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Tommy_Here, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Tommy_Here

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    Hi guys,

    So as you know I had a titan Xp 2017 in which i got rid of for a 1080 + £350 cash and now I have the chance to get a zotac 1080 Ti extreme for £350. Would you say I might as well go for it and sell off the 1080 for around £280 for a quick sale costing me £70 for the Ti (y)

    Also, could you recommend me a bracket for it should I go for it? Anyone with any experiences on this card?
  2. spoffle


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  3. koooowweeee


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    You don't want it. I'm better off buying it
  4. XeNoNF50


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    Don't hesitate
  5. Colzy


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    It's a trap! I'll do you one better - a 980ti for £400.
  6. BigBANGtheory


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    yes as long as its from a good source, 1080Ti or not if it fails out of warranty its near worthless