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Ok, use the link that rupert88 provided above, i.e.

You need to download two lots of files. There are links for it on that page. One is:
HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - v2.1.8 and equates to a file called SP27608.exe

The other are the MSDOS files which are needed to get the boot files. On that page, they are referred to as "Windows 98 System Files". This equates to a file called

You need to extract all the files in to a folder and remember that folder.

Next, you need to install the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool using the SP27608.exe file you downloaded earlier.

Once you have installed it, run it and you will be presented with a screenshot shown in the link provided by rupert88.

Change Device: to your usb stick
Set File system to FAT32
tick Quick format
tick Create a DOS startup disk
and then click "using DOS system files located at:" and point it at the folder you extracted the windows 98 files.

Click start.

This will format your usb stick so it can boot into it.

You then need to copy the F4EG.exe file onto the stick.

You can now boot into the usb stick making sure you select switch the boot order accordingly.

Hope that helps?
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