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For manual update if you're having problems with Kies

1) Firmware

Download the correct firmware for your phone. Extract the zip file to a tar file. Do not extract the tar file.

Sim Free Firmware - I9100XWKE1_I9100XXKDJ_I9100XEUKD1
O2UK Firmware - I9100XWKE1_I9100XXKDJ_I9100O2UKE1

2) Download Odin (flash utility)

3) Prepare Odin

Launch Odin and check "Auto Reboot" and "F.Reset Time"
Load the firmware downloaded in step 1 in PDA.

4)Download mode.
Put the phone in to Download mode ready for flashing
- Power Off
- Press and hold Vol Down + Home + Power.
- Once the Andriod logo is displayed connect the phone to PC
- in Odin ID:COM will turn yellow. You are now ready to flash.

5) A Successful Flash

6) Factory Reset (Optional)

There are three ways to reset the phone, through Dialer, Settings or Recovery mode.

- Dialer, enter *2767*3855#
- Settings, Privacy, Factory data reset.
- Recovery mode. Power off the phone, press and hold Vol Up + Home + Power. Use the Vol keys to navigate the menus and Home to action.
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