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Old 13th Jul 2009, 11:02   #1
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Racing games with multiplayer + AI?

Is it me or are there virtually no racing games that let you play online multiplayer but with AI opponents as well?
Had a bash on Grid last night with a mate and found that there is no AI option in multiplayer despite the older games having it iirc. Also GTR2 that we both bought for a quid the other week has no AI option either.
I don't get why this is. It's not that fun just the two of you racing on a track with no other opponents.

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Old 13th Jul 2009, 11:21   #2
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GTR Evolution has AI at least in LAN games while GTR2 and such did not have. Quick browse through Internet game options and it seems to have AI in online multiplayer too. Didn't start the server though but at least the setting was there. rFactor has AI as well and with the countless mods available to it, you should be able to find the racing cars you like within that game. I have to say though, that the AI in rFactor doesn't handle all the car mods that well but it does a decent job with most cars.

AI in multiplayer racing games is something I always look forward to in a racing game. We often have LAN parties with 2-3 people and adding AIs is the perfect way to add something extra to races. Needless to say I have been disappointed with GTR for a long time but at least Evolution (maybe even Race 07?) finally has those AI cars in multiplayer
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Old 13th Jul 2009, 11:23   #3
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i can only think back to the greatest racing game ive played Grand Prix 2, you could have as many human & AI drivers as you wanted. The whole game was amazing as you could go from free practice to qualifying all the way to a full length race event on one PC using a 'hot-seat' function.

Basically the computer AI cars would perform according to the cars and their qualifying times and the Human drivers would, depending on who was highest in qualifying, take turns driving for set amounts of time. The great thing was when the AI took control of your car it performed to the same level you did, for example if you put in fast laps and overtook it would emulate that. If you struggled on a certain part of the track ie locking wheels and oversteering the AI would have problems similar at various times.

It made for some amazing races, watching your mate trying to overtake your car thats being driven by the AI then getting the 10secs countdown to a 'hot-seat' swap .. if only other games had this function..

graphics look really dated but the actual feel whilst driving was second to none and hasn't been bettered yet!

i believe you can get the game working on vista with DosBox, i have the floppies somewhere and really feel like getting this up and running now!

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Old 13th Jul 2009, 11:39   #4
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You can add AI opponents in GTR Evolution/Race 07 from in the dedicated server options and you can do the same with rFactor.
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