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Old 22nd May 2012, 22:11   #1
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my mobile is on O2 (uk), with a +44 077... number. If i go to another country, does it cost other people the same 2 call


i am on a +44 number (077....) on my o2 mobile.

If i go to another country (in the eu), does it -

1) cost people calling me (from the uk) the same?
2) cost people who i call (on a +44 number) anything?

I'm sure the answer to both is the same as normal (as if i was in the uk), but friends beg to differ. any one know what the real answer is?

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Old 22nd May 2012, 22:19   #2
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1. It's just as if you're in the UK for people calling you.
2. No.
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Old 22nd May 2012, 22:21   #3
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No idea why so many people have this misconception - you bear the extra cost of them calling you whilst roaming.
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Old 22nd May 2012, 22:53   #4
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I would suggest looking at the o2 support site:


this will tell you exact charges for the country you are visiting as well.

if you want to try and reduce the cost you can take out the international traveller bolt on if it is not already included in your call plan. You can remove this once you are back and reduces the cost significantly.
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