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Old 25th Apr 2012, 15:59   #1
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Does USB 3.0 charge items faster then USB 2.0 ??

Am i right in thinking that having my rechargeable items plugged into USB 3.0 ports will charge faster then being plugged into usb 2.0 ports ??

(As USB 3.0 output is rated at 900mA and USB 2.0 output is only rated at 500mA)

List of some the stuff i charge by plugging into a USB port..
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Sony Vita
Razor Mamba Mouse
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Old 25th Apr 2012, 16:00   #2
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If the device is capable of charging faster then yes.
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Old 25th Apr 2012, 16:03   #3
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Yes, If u want to charge super fast take a look at the BitFenix range that includes a Super Charge port (Will support all tablets/iPads etc)

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Old 25th Apr 2012, 16:30   #4
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Depends on the device being charged tbh.
Not sure if it's a standard but with Android it will not detect AC-Charge unless the data lines are shorted so even if you plug it into USB3 it will still only charge at 500mA.
You can overcome this by purchasing a charge only cable that has these lines shorted.

That said it's better to charge at a slower rate anyway as it damages cells less, I always trickle charge my phones overnight with a custom made <250mA charger :-)
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