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What is Registration? [click to login/register]

The Administrators of this board require you to register before you can post replies or new threads on the board. Registration also allows you to edit your posts, specify a signature, receive email notification of replies to your threads, and much more. Registration is free, and there is no need to enter personal details. Your email address can be optionally hidden, ensuring complete privacy. The administrators have chosen to verify all email addresses during registration, so make certain that you have entered a correct email address. 'Burner' or temporary email addresses are not allowed for registration on this board, as previously mentioned, you may hide your email for complete privacy. Please remember membership is not a right, it is a privilege. Everyone is welcome as long as they adhere to the forum rules.

Registrations can take upto 24 hours to be completed, please do not contact us with registration queries before this time has elapsed.

Members Market

The Members Market is provided as a free service to active and contributing forum members. OcUK are not liable for any deals that are done in the Members Market, you are free to buy and sell at your own risk. Please read the rules of the Members Market before you proceed to make your first sale.

Please note that all price checking threads must be posted in the Price Checks forum; they are not to be posted anywhere else on the forum.

Access to the Members Market forum requires two things. Firstly, you will need to have over 1000 posts and have been signed up for at least 180 days. Please note that this does not mean you spam the forums simply to increase your posts, as this action will result in posts being deducted, and if you continue this behaviour, your account will eventually be banned/suspended. Once you reach 1000 posts, you will need to enable conversations through your user profile under Privacy. Make sure you have 'Start conversations with you:' set to 'Members only'. The Feedback system is for Members Market feedback only and not to be used for general user comments. Abusing the feedback system will not be tolerated and such abuse will result in your account being suspended/ banned.

Once you satisfy both of these criteria, Members Market access will be granted within 24hrs. Please do not post on the forums asking why you cannot access the members market, if you have any queries, email one of the forum Dons/Admins. The contact addresses are available in the FAQ. There is no buying, or selling allowed outside of the Members Market.

Speakers Corner

Speakers Corner is a forum for intelligent debate of newsworthy issues. It is moderated to a higher standard than other forums and utilises a strike system, detailed in the Sticky thread at the top of the forum.
Because of this, access to Speakers Corner is limited to those who have been a member for at least 6 months and have more than 100 posts.
Any users who try to boost their post count in order to spam their way to access may have their post count reduced or access to Speakers Corner withheld.

What are Smilies?

Smilies are keyboard characters used to convey an emotion, such as a smile :) or a frown :(. This bulletin board automatically converts certain smilies to a graphical representation. For example, if you type :eek: in your BB post, it will automatically be converted to a shocked/surprised face. Click here for a list of current smilies.

Can I use HTML Code in posts?

You cannot use HTML code in your posts. As an alternative to HTML, BB code has been enabled. This provides a sub set of the functionality of HTML code, while maintaining security from malicious scripting and layout damage. More information about BB code can be found here.

Who are Dons and Commissarios?

Dons are moderators and control individual forums. They have the power to edit, delete, or move any posts in the forums. If you want to contact a Don, you can use e-mail, the 'start a conversation' feature or start a thread in the Forums Dispute section as described below.

The Don team is underpinned and assisted by the Underboss team.

Please do not post topics such as "Why was my post edited/locked/deleted etc". Please bear in mind that none of the forum moderation team work for OcUK and give up considerable amounts of their spare time to moderate these forums without pay. They do a great job, please support them. Dons are by appointment only.

Commissarios are forum adminstrators and are responsible for forum policy. They have ultimate power on the forums, and therefore if you take issue with anything that any member of the moderating team does, please contact the administrators.

A "Forum Disputes" area has been created should you want to contact the Moderators for private discussion. No other posters other than the moderation team will be able to see your complaint and all conversations will be treated in the strictest of confidence. This forum is called Forum Content Discussion and is located in the "Life" section.

Alternatively if you prefer to email, below is a full list of all moderating team members.

Commisarios Dons Underbosses

Are cookies used?

xenForo uses cookies to store your unique user id number and your password if you are a registered member. If you have chosen in your profile, this will automatically fill in your username and password in any place where you need them. Cookies are used to track when you are online - if you have not chosen to be in privacy mode in your profile, your username will appear in the logged in users list. Lastly, cookies are used to track which posts are new since your last visit. You may delete all cookies set in this forum by clicking on the log out link on the homepage.

What are announcements?

Announcements are made by the administrators and are meant to be a simple one-way communication with the member base. If you wish to discuss announcements you should contact the relevant Commissario. You cannot reply to announcements.

Are there any censor features? Why do my posts have words converted to asterisks (*)?

Certain words have been deemed unsuitable for these forums. These words will be blanked out with stars (*) or a similar character in your posts. This censoring is done by a computer simply searching for words, and is by no stretch of the imagination 'intelligent'.
The ultimate aim should be for the member base to post without any of their words being censored. Any unsuitable word (swearing etc.) should be fully starred; partially starring characters is not acceptable. If you attempt to circumvent the word censorship in any way you risk a suspension.

What are Infractions?

User Infractions are given by Moderators and Admins for minor rule breaks, such as Inappropriate Language, Members Market Rule Breaks and Low-level insults/personal attacks towards other members.
This is instead of a suspension for minor offences and allows the moderators to easily inform a user that they have broken a rule. Each infraction type has a points value with different infractions having differing 'points' that remain active for varying lengths of time before they are no longer counted. Most are set at 1 point, except for the Members Market Infraction which is 5. If you get 10 "points" via infractions your account is automatically suspended for a period of two days.

Posting images.

You may post images providing they are hosted by a well known image hosting website, such as imageshack, photobucket etc.. Directly linking to images on other sites that are not expressly for that purpose (known as Hotlinking) is not permitted. Hotlinked images will be removed with an infraction notice issued. Repeat offenders will be suspended.

The sharing of images from your own personal web-space is acceptable providing you are the owner and give permission to do so. However, the OCUK moderation team reserve the right to replace or remove any image that is suspicious of being hotlinked or unknowingly hosted by a members personal web-space, as it is not possible to identify those where permission has been granted or otherwise. Such decisions will not be overturned. To avoid complication, we strongly advise that all images are hosted by a image host as mentioned above, which can be easily identified as so.

Images containing nudity, adult or offensive material, including swearing are prohibited. Please check your images before posting. No watermarks or URLs for sites containing content that wouldn't normally be allowed such as competitors, adult sites etc. Any images of such nature will be removed and your account immediately suspended or banned.
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