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  1. jpmonkey69

    First ever Macbook - new to MacOS - tips? What to expect

    Paragon NTFS is a good purchase IMO
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    PC Correctness Gone Mad Again

    Woppy101, you have been fined one credit for the violation of the anti-free mind statutes.
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    Credit cards - defaults

    The main thing is that she needs to properly check her situation with each CC company to see if she is going to default the payment. If she is, the CC company may be willing to help her by freezing the account until she is able to pay. If they are not willing to do this then she can speak to a...
  4. jpmonkey69

    How is London affordable now?

    For London City Airport you should look along the DLR line stations from Canning Town to Beckton. Not the nicest of areas but not the worst, lots of different price points between stops. If you get a place by Canning Town, the station is on both the DLR and Jubilee lines, so really good access...
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    Alternative to a shared drive

    Why not just use a NAS box with file sharing capabilities such as a Synology?
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    I'm Stumped: Can Anyone Read This?

    I've seen this before, roughly translates into "Your face here". HTH
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    Poems - Short poems

    Reminds me of my Dad. Death is nothing at all. Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away to the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, That, we still are. Call me by my old familiar name. Speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Put no...
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    12k budget, 20k miles per year - Spec me

    How long should this car last do you think? Are they reliable? I was planning on a 59 or 60 plate version but was worried about big bills or the think just dying on me!! For my (meagre) budget I might be able to squeeze a 60 plate with 110k miles - the interiors look new however so I assume...
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    House Build Project for Daughter...

    Looks ace, one thing to bear in mind is that decking can get very slippy when it's wet, especially is there is algae build up. It could be worth putting some grippy material on the decking perhaps?
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    anyone written a novella?

    Last line: "Or was it..?"
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    Uk Fuel Cards

    BRB, concocting a reply... Should take around a year and 9 months. ;)
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    Win 3 years supply of Haribo!

    We are giving you the change. :) CHANGE Also, I must already have about 3 years worth of Haribo already, due to no trick or treaters this year!
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    Wait for rMBP Broadwell?

    Same as mine - maybe on the same pallet! :)
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    What shows do you wish you could forget, so you could watch them again?

    No, because when you DO watch them, you'll wish you HADN'T watched them so that you could watch them again.... You may be better off as you are.
  15. jpmonkey69

    What shows do you wish you could forget, so you could watch them again?

    Hello! For me, I think it would be Breaking Bad and the Usual Suspects... there are others but those two are the main ones. What shows would you like to be able to remove from your memory so you could re-watch them? :)
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    Used car time!

    Only problem is finding a decent one with full leather without skipping back a generation. :( Still considering a A6 Avant, or a 9-5 estate.
  17. jpmonkey69

    Used car time!

    Is there anything else to look out for on the saloon version? I'm looking at buying from an auction and haven't seen an decent estate go through my local recently, but plenty of saloons. Looking at an 07/57 e320cdi
  18. jpmonkey69

    Used car time!

    Jez, if you see this can you offer your opinion please? Thank you! :)
  19. jpmonkey69

    Used car time!

    Hello, I've looked about - what sort of mileage does your car have, and what would be considered "normal" for this car / age. On AT, I can only see A6s on a 2005 or later at < £6000 with more that 130,000 miles on the clock...
  20. jpmonkey69

    Used car time!

    Again, I'd not considered it - have you had experience of driving one? Also - Can anyone suggest how I might be able to get cheap insurance.. I live in East London, and the prices are seriously high compared to anywhere else, are there specialists for people living in this area?