1. richardjb

    16 or 32GB Modules >3600Mhz - Any point?

    Hi all - I'm just about to purchase a new AM4 motherboard that supports upto 4400Mhz DDR4 As well as gaming, I have requirements for photoshop (macro stacking) and running multiple VMs in a lab, so would prefer to have either 64GB or 128GB (the boards max) available to use. The question...
  2. acer0169

    Help with 128GB Overclocking - looking for 3000MHz+

    Long story short, I have my new machine up and running with a 1950X, 128GB G.SKILL kit, on a Zenith Extreme MB. I've slowly tried to get the memory somewhere close to it's rating speed (3600MHz) but I know running at full-beans is asking a bloody lot from 128GB. I've got my eyes on at least...
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