1. herror6

    Ultrabook with dedicated GPU instalments

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for an Ultrabook with a dedicated GPU and I which to pay a monthly fee, so maybe through Amazon, Argos or Currys would be the best options here in the UK. I know there will be interest rate, but I need it for uni and I can still pay later the remaining. Beginning of...
  2. MiSJAH

    Spec the Doris a new laptop.

    Hi all; I'm looking to upgrade the Mrs a new laptop later this year. Presently using an 14" touch screen, I5, 8GB, 250GB SSD (I swapped out from the 500GB HDD it came with). Requirements: 13-14" 1080p or better and must be touch screen, must be I5 or better, must have back lit keyboard. Would...
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