1. Quartz

    Freeing up space on a Nokia 2.2

    It seems the base 16 GB on my Nokia 2.2 is getting rather full. I've got a 256 GB SD card installed, and it only sees 128 GB, but I can't seem to move much stuff to it. I've managed to move some apps, but I've been through them all and most won't move so I've freed up very little space. What...
  2. Quartz

    Nokia 2.2 - Android Pie - 128 GB SD cards show as 256 GB with 128 used.

    Got an interesting little issue. My Nokia 2.2 seems to think that my 128 GB SD cards are 256 GB cards with 128 GB used. I've tried two SD cards, one known good and one straight out of the packaging that's been on the shelf many months. Both Samsung. What's going on?
  3. Quartz

    Problem switching camera on Nokia 2.2

    I've found an interesting little issue with my Nokia 2.2: I can't switch to the rear camera for photos unless I swipe across to video first and then swipe back. Pressing the Switch Camera button (bottom left) blurs the screen for a moment then keeps the selfie camera active. After swiping across...
  4. Quartz

    Android - Nokia 2.2 - how to get spoken directions on Google Maps?

    How do I get spoken directions in Google Maps? I've set the route and the phone follows the route and I see directions on screen, but how do I get spoken directions? The phone is not muted. It's paired with my car.
  5. Quartz

    Nokia 2.2 thoughts?

    Anyone have any thoughts about this phone?
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