1. ssmacc

    Android Tablet ~£300?

    Hello, As title, brother-in-law is looking for a Android tablet around the £300 mark, he's currently got a Samsung Tab A (2016), anything worth upgrading too in that price range? Cheers,
  2. TNGengar

    GTX970 upgrade options

    So I've been holding out on upgrading my GTX970 now for a good few months, waiting primarily to see what came out of Navi. After seeing the RX 5700/RX 5700XT, I feel I have 2 options. I've always has NVIDIA cards but bought a freesync compatibale monitor just before christmas 2018 and so would...
  3. ssmacc

    ~£300 for a new TV?

    Hello All, My niece is moving into her first home and is in the market for a TV, she's approx £300 and is looking at 40"ish... What would you recommend? Cheers,