1. Tidgney

    3.5" to a 2.5" Slot OR a way to Secure a 3.5" Drive?

    Hello, Really random this as I know there's tons of information on 2.5" into 3.5" slot but I have the other way. Now there is room for the 3.5" drive. Essentially I have a Lian Li II mesh case and above the power supply there's an area for 2 SSD's however I want to add 2 Hard drives there (I...
  2. peanutismint

    Bought a secondhand case (Enermax) - How to mount 3.5 HDD without rails??

    I bought a great second hand ATX case; I know it's an Enermax but don't know what model - maybe an MSI gaming branded Ostrog? But it came without any 3.5" or 2.5" mounting rails for hard drives. I know it probably doesn't matter so much for my SSDs which will sit happily loose with no moving...
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