1. UpperSideBand

    Reusing old Hardware i7-4820k & Quadro K4000

    Hi Guys, I have recently been given an old PC by a family member. The used to use it for 3D modelling. Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 Motherboard 32Gb DDR3 RAM Intel i7-4820k CPU Nvidia Quadro K4000 GPU 500GB SSD & 3TB HDD I have since replaced the Case and the CPU Cooler and intend to replace more...
  2. jwilliamson47

    5820K suddenly broken, Contact Intel or Upgrade?

    Hi, Recently, my i7 5820K stopped posting and has been tested on several motherboards. It's just under warranty with Intel so I could get it replaced. Saying that, the X99 motherboards are difficult to find and models such as the Strix X99 Gaming can cost around £250, which seems a bad...
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