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  1. Beepy79

    External Blu Ray drive

    Hey guys, Just repurposed my old gaming laptop into a HTPC and I am looking for recommendations for a good UHD 4K external Blu Ray drive that doesn't cost the earth. Thanks in advance, Beepy79.
  2. Tatti

    4K Video mATX suggestions

    Hello all, I'm looking at building a new micro PC for use in the front room to play UHD 4K video on my TV in the front room, but don't want a monster box sitting around looking out of place. A mATX build is what I was looking at, to build from scratch, but wanted advice on what specs I might...
  3. OnamCh

    4K streaming in the house, buffer issues

    Hi all, perhaps a silly question but I want to sure about the kit I will need (if any) to ensure I have a buffer free streaming experience. I currently have: Synology DS918+ Cat 8 cable running from NAS to router Router is a BT Home Hub 5 When I try to stream a 4K film it tends to lag and...
  4. Triggahappyhaza

    HP Microserver Gen 8 Upgrade Questions

    Hello all, Long time lurker looking for some opinions on upgrading the HP Microserver Gen8. So I've got a Gen8 which I've upgraded to 8GB RAM and installed an Intel Xeon E3 1220 V2 + Cooler and an SSD running in bay 1 for now. Its only used to run Sonarr, NZBget and Plex on Windows Server 2012...
  5. h24821807

    Sound card 4k display and HDCP

    Hi, Recently, I am planning to upgrade my monitors to 4k to play 4k content. Obviously, I will need a 4k display with an HDCP 2.2 in order to be able to display 4k features. Now, I was reading somewhere that if it is a TV configuration, I might need an HDCP 2.2 certified sound bar. How about...
  6. Tezzarito

    Cheapest gfx card for 4k movie playback ?

    I want to watch 4k movies from pc on my 4k tv , maybe the odd game but main focus is 4k movies. Current system amd fx 8350 - cpu gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb3 - mobo msi r7850 twin frozer 3 - gfx 16gb ddr3 - ram 1000 watt - psu Any ideas please , ive looked for info online but keep reading...
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