4k playback

  1. Tatti

    4K Video mATX suggestions

    Hello all, I'm looking at building a new micro PC for use in the front room to play UHD 4K video on my TV in the front room, but don't want a monster box sitting around looking out of place. A mATX build is what I was looking at, to build from scratch, but wanted advice on what specs I might...
  2. yonk

    What to upgrade for 4K video?

    Hi, I have Intel i5 2500k with 8Gb ddr3 with Radeon HD6850 card and 500W PSU. I'm planning to buy 43" 4K TV (used). What do I have to change to watch silky smooth 4k movies and 4k youtube videos?
  3. Daniel Gibbons

    GPU for 4K movie viewing

    Hi Firstly I'm not sure if this should've been in graphics card or home cinema, please move if necessary. I have purchased the 55" LG OLED television. I have a number of UHD movies on my hard drive. My graphics card is old (radeon HD6900) and maximum output is HD resolution. There is no way...
  4. powned

    [Spec Me Please] Laptop to treat my poor old mum...

    Hey there forum, My mum recently had some bad news and subsequently we're spending a lot of time in hospitals. I want to treat her to a new laptop, normally I'd enjoy researching to catch up on the tech, but life has become more than a little hectic. I would be really grateful if anyone could...
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