advice on new pc

  1. newman1453

    Total upgrade

    Hi all Looking for some advice on a pc + monitor build. Built a mostly budget PC back in 2018 with some help but completely out of the loop as to what's what nowadays. Have always had Nvidia GPU/AMD CPU but open to anything. Had a look at some recent threads but they mostly seemed pretty...
  2. 01001101

    DDR5 RAM - DRAM Status 4800Mhz? Corsair Dominator 2x16GB 6000MT/s C30 + ASUS X670E-Plus WIFI.

    Hello.. I was wondering if anyone here is able to help? I'm a bit lost with the following.. I don't understand why my system is telling me that my DRAM status is 4800Mhz when in the bios is says it's set to 6000Mhz? Thank you in advance!
  3. 01001101

    Best headset for VR gaming experience - Vive PRO 2 or Valve Index?

    I just wanted to ask what you thought about the 2 head sets? I was told, the best of both worlds is the Valve Index controllers combined with the Vive Pro 2 headset? Also, how much does the GPU help towards the VR experience. I ordered the 6900xt during black friday, but am very tempted to...
  4. Ahmet

    Upgrading Advice 11 or 12 Gen

    Hiya, I’ve recently wanted to upgrade my computer. Thinking of selling it all and starting from scratch. I currently have a i3 9100f and a b360 plus ASU’s tuf with 2666MHZ ddr4 ram. I have though about upgrading to a 11th gen in this build https://uk.************.com/list/ZrXT4d or swap out the...
  5. JoseCansecoJnr

    Need advice with buying a new pc?

    Hi all, Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I feel like computing has advanced so much since I used to play (CS 1.3/1.6). I'm not looking to build my pc as my lifestyle and disposition are not compatible (lazy?). So I have been looking at buying a pc pre built on this site but it's quite...
  6. alex_ncfc

    I want to upgrade my PC for no particular reason - advice :)

    As the thread title suggests, I have the urge to upgrade my PC. I think it's because of all what's going on with lockdowns etc which just means, kind of almost out of boredom, I fancy doing an upgrade. Trouble is, I am kind out so out of touch with tech these days that I don't know where to...
  7. JediMasterRalornSurik

    Build Recommendations?

    Evening all, I was thinking of putting together a new computer sometime around Easter 2021 and I’ve come up with a build which I think will serve my needs nicely. My budget is probably around £1200. I already have a rig which was built for me however that was several years ago and I’m looking...
  8. tomes

    Thinking of buying a new PC - good enough spec?

    Hi - I am thinking about purchasing a new desktop PC from HP. I am not an expert so just wanted to see if you guys think this spec is good or not. I will use the pc mainly for work/ browsing and occasionally gaming. My wife wants to use CAD (she is an architect) My friend said that building...
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