air cooling

  1. jonisvipr

    CPU fan in exhaust mode?

    So I've recently finished my new rig and went from full-atx to mini-itx. The only concern I have with my build is that the fan of my Noctua NH-U12S CPU cooler does not have enough clearance from my corsair 2x16GB RAM on the motherboard. If I try to install the fan as an intake, it pushes the RAM...

    Building my first gaming pc and need some advice

    I'm trying to build my first gaming PC and could do with advice in a few areas.. I should probably start with what I do currently have (not a lot): PSU - corsair hx850 2× Noctua NF-A14 ULN fans Phanteks p500a (ordered and on its way) What I'm currently finding a challenge is choice for...
  3. ConorJ_2105

    HELP: High CPU Temps - first timer

    Hi - first time poster here and also first time builder... so bare with me please! My CPU temps seem pretty high for pretty light use, anywhere between 40°c - 55°c with spikes up to anything like 65°c. Specs below and then a bit more background: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600x Cooler: NZXT Kraken X63...
  4. oldmangamer

    Alpenfohn Brocken 2

    I have just installed this monster onto my system. My question is......should both fans be spinning or is it a trick one where both spin up when the temps rise? I've only ever had single fan CPU coolers, not twin.
  5. Zig13

    Anecdotal Evidence Related to Fan+Filter Spacing

    TL;DR Putting space between intake fans and their dust filters seems to substantially improve airflow and combined with them being closer to components seems to improve temperatures too. My case is a Silverstone Primera 02 (SST-PM02B) which I love despite it receiving a largely negative review...
  6. SergeyDertan

    Asus prime Z370-A cooler installation problem

    I have mb asus prime z370-A and cpu cooler be quiet pure rock (BK009) When I tried to install it, I`ve got a problem: gape between element 9 and element 14(on the both side) gape photo, scheme Idk if problem with a mb or cooler. more photos: 1 2 I worry if it can cause problems
  7. Steven Cunniff

    Question about air cooling solution in a Coolermaster H500

    Hi guys i have not built a pc in a while and im currently looking to build a new one with the i7 8700k which i understand can run a little hot, I have my eye on the new Coolermaster H500 with the mesh front panal the case is slightly smaller than the other models in the range and according to...