amd fx8350

  1. Dylan_Fisher

    Is my system bottlenecking?!

    Hi folks!, Recently I had to time to sit down and play some games! Unfortunately, I started noticing frame drops on games that are over 4 years old with a pc built 2 years ago. In particular, I was playing Hitman: Absolution on maxed out graphics (1080p). Therefore, I was wondering if my pc...
  2. TeddybearsGarden

    Resource monitor and overdrive displaying different Cpu usage during Prime 95 small fft test?

    HI I've just brought a new motherboard -Gygabyte 990fx Gaming- because either my old motherboard or the cpu was faulty. I'm in the processes of running a prime 95 small fft test with the new motherboard running on default settings -prime 95 tests were failing after about 13mins before- and it...
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