amiga 500

  1. Yella Fella

    Long shot... name of game? [AMIGA][1991-1995] Side-scrolling platform with a robot

    Platform(s): Amiga, possibly SNES Genre: Platformer/side shooter Estimated year of release: Early-mid 90's Graphics/art style: 2D 8-bit style. 3rd person side view, scrolling left-right Notable characters: You control a robot, (I think) WALL-E style, where you go around upgrading your...
  2. buddabudda

    Checkmate A1500+ Amiga 3000 inspired case for A500/A600/A1200 motherboards and mATX + mITX pc boards

    Hi All Just want to post this on here to see if any of you guys are interested in supporting this Kickstarter. I am in no way involved with this project but I'd really like to see this one succeed. Background info ========== The guy (Stephen Jones) who was responsible for the original...
  3. Neil79

    New Compatible *Amiga* A500(+) case campaign Final day and I'm a supporter as my A500 is badly Yellow! :) - Final 22 hours :o, so if anyone has an Amiga 500 here, this might be for you?
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