1. Tysonator

    New Phone

    Hi All, I am hoping to purchase a new mobile for my wife. We both like Samsung's, though at the moment she has a 3 or 4 year old huawei P3 I think ! ! She is an Android user and would stay with using Android smartphone. I have looked a Oppo which seem very good value for money ATM, any other...
  2. Tysonator

    Samsung Galaxy Tags - To Stop Losing Things ! !

    Hi all, I have been looking in to buying some smart Tags to attach to my gym bag and dip belt. A few times I have left the gym and realised I have left one of the above. Luckily every time I have gone back fairly quickly after realising and retrieved my belongings. In the past I have lost...
  3. jas72

    best calendar app for Iphone and android

    I folks I'm a recent convert from Apple to Samsung. We are a family of three and now my son and I have samsung and the wife has iphone. For some reason beyond me I cannot get the google calendar to sync across I've tried the method found on google by andriodauthority and while it sync items...
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